1 Pair Model DT-101 Car Tweeter Speaker Set with Crossover with Home Audio 380W


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  • Car Dome Tweeters are designed to deliver crisp, clear, and accurate sound with exceptional detail and clarity
  • A frequency response range of 6K to 18KHz our tweeters provide a wide range of sound that will enhance your listening experience
  • Car Dome Tweeter is easy to install, and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your car
  • Whether you’re looking to upgrade your factory system or build a custom setup, our tweeters are the perfect addition to any car audio system

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100 in stock

  1. Car Tweeter DT-101:
    • A car tweeter is a speaker designed to reproduce high-frequency sounds in a car audio system.
    • The model DT-101 may have specific features such as power handling capacity, impedance, frequency response, and design characteristics that make it suitable for use in a car.
  2. Crossover:
    • A crossover is an electronic circuit that divides an audio signal into different frequency ranges and directs those ranges to specific speakers.
    • In a car audio system, a crossover is often used to separate low-frequency signals (bass) to be sent to subwoofers, and high-frequency signals to be sent to tweeters.
    • It ensures that each type of speaker (subwoofer, midrange, tweeter) receives the frequencies it is best equipped to handle.
  3. Compatibility with Home Audio:
    • While car audio components are specifically designed for the unique acoustic environment of a car, it’s sometimes possible to adapt them for use in a home audio system.
    • If the Car Tweeter DT-101 comes with a crossover, it may be possible to integrate it into a home audio setup, but this might require additional modifications or equipment.
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