9v DC Mini Water Pump for Sanitizer Machine Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser DIY Project Kit


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M3 Water Pump Kit –

1 Pc M3 Water Pump

1 Pc 9V Battery And Connector

1 Meter Transparent Pipe

1 Pc On Off Switch


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94 in stock

  • 9V Battery And Connector –  It has a nominal voltage of 9 volts and is typically composed of six cylindrical or rectangular cells connected in series. The battery connector is the component that connects the battery to the device it powers. In the case of a 9-volt battery, the connector is usually a snap-on clip that fits onto the battery’s terminals.
  • Water Pump – A double side pipe hole mini water pump is a type of mini water pump that has two pipe holes or connections on opposite sides of the pump housing. These pumps are commonly used in applications such as water circulation in aquariums, fountains, and small hydroponic systems.
  • On-Off Switch – The switch consists of a plastic or metal frame with a central pivot point and two or more positions where the switch can be locked into place. The switch lever is attached to the pivot point, and when it is moved up or down, it rocks back and forth between the two positions, making contact with the internal electrical contacts and completing or breaking the circuit.
  • Transparent Pipe – Transparent Water pipe for 6v Submersible Water pump. Fits tightly on the 6v Submersible water pump that has a 6mm outer diameter. The pipe is slightly flexible and sturdy it is good for fitting it on the pump.
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