1 Pc MP3 Bluetooth 4.1 Decoder Board Lossless aux Card Stereo Audio Player Module kit Car 5v Amplifier Board for Electronics


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  • Decodes digital audio files, especially in MP3 format, for audio playback
  • Incorporates Bluetooth 4.1 technology for wireless audio streaming and connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Supports lossless audio playback, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction without compromising audio fidelity
  • Offers control buttons or remote control for functions such as play
  • volume control, facilitating easy navigation through audio tracks
  • Features a USB port for charging the module and potential data transfer operations
  • Operates within specified voltage ranges and power requirements

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99 in stock

The MP3 Bluetooth 4.1 Decoder Board is a versatile audio module used to decode digital audio files, particularly in MP3 format. It integrates Bluetooth 4.1 technology, providing wireless connectivity to audio sources such as smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Here’s a detailed description of this module:

  • Audio Decoding Capability: The module can decode digital audio files in the MP3 format, allowing playback of music and audio files stored in this common digital audio format.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Integration: Incorporates Bluetooth 4.1 technology, enabling wireless communication and audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices within the specified range.
  • Auxiliary (AUX) Input: The module often includes an auxiliary (AUX) input, allowing for wired connections to audio sources via a standard 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Stereo Audio Output: Provides stereo audio output, enabling the connection to external speakers or audio amplifiers for a complete audio playback setup.
  • Voltage and Power Requirements: Operates within specified voltage ranges and power requirements, often compatible with commonly available power sources.
  • Application Flexibility: Suited for a variety of applications, including DIY audio projects, custom audio systems, portable speakers, car audio systems, and more, owing to its compact and versatile design.
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