Bluetooth FM USB AUX Card MP3 Stereo Audio Player for DIY Mini Boom Box 5 W with 2 inch Speaker Woofer DIY Kit


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About Bluetooth Card Small DIY Kit-

Speaker – speaker with internal magnet speaker audio stereo woofer loudspeaker. Enjoy clear and powerful audio with our speaker’s advanced technology and premium components.

Bluetooth Circuit – This module has some built-in features like Bluetooth, FM, USB, SD-Card Slot, Aux & a very small amplifier which can only drive the speaker of earphones.

18650 Lithium-ion Battery – 18650 Li-ion battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and is used in high drain applications due to its superior capacity and discharge rate. The first 4 digits of 18650 indicate its dimension, i.e. 18mmx65mm, and the last 5th digit indicates its shape, i.e. cylindrical. Li-ion batteries can usually boost a 300-500 charge cycle.

Battery Holder For Lithium – ion 18650 1 Cell – This 18650 battery single cell holder is used to carry/store/keep your lithium ion battery in perfect and safe position. It comes with a single mounting hole in the center of plastic case which can help us in mounting it on any surface using screws of 3mm.

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100 in stock

  • The Bluetooth Card Small DIY Kit is a compact and versatile electronic device designed for wireless communication using Bluetooth technology. It is commonly used in DIY projects, prototypes, and hobbyist applications where wireless connectivity is required.
  • The kit typically includes a small circuit board with an integrated Bluetooth module, supporting components such as speaker, single cell holder and 18650 Lithium-ion Battery and the necessary documentation and instructions for assembly.
  • The Bluetooth module included in the kit is usually a pre-built module that implements the Bluetooth protocol stack and provides a convenient interface for connecting with other devices.
  • Assembly of the Bluetooth Card Small DIY Kit typically involves soldering the components onto the circuit board, following the provided instructions and schematic diagram. Once assembled, the kit can be powered using a battery or a USB connection, depending on the specific design.
  • the Bluetooth Card Small DIY Kit provides an accessible and user-friendly solution for adding wireless communication capabilities to DIY electronics projects, empowering hobbyists and enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of Bluetooth technology in their creations.

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