10 Pcs 100k Volume Control Variable Resistor Potentiometer 100 k 6 pin Controller for DIY and Amplifier Kits


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  • Resistance Value: 100,000 ohms (100k ohms)
  • Potentiometer Type: Variable resistor for precise control
  • Six Pins/Terminals: Provides additional flexibility in circuit connections
  • Functionality: Used for control and adjustment of parameters like volume
  • Linear Potentiometer: Resistance changes proportionally with control movement
  • Applications: Common in audio equipment, amplifiers, and electronic devices
  • Installation: Typically mounted on circuit boards or panels

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98 in stock

A 100k Volume Control Variable Resistor Potentiometer with 100k ohms and 6 pins is a specific type of electronic component used in various electrical circuits for controlling resistance and adjusting parameters such as volume. Here’s a detailed description:

  • Resistance Value: The “100k” indicates a resistance value of 100,000 ohms (100k ohms), representing the total resistance between the two outermost terminals.
  • Potentiometer Type: This component is a potentiometer, a variable resistor allowing precise control of electrical resistance through knob or lever manipulation.
  • Six Pins/Terminals: Unlike the typical 3-pin potentiometer, this variant has six pins or terminals. These additional pins can enable more complex circuit configurations or additional features.
  • Functionality: The 100k potentiometer is designed to control various aspects of electronic circuits. In volume control applications, it allows for smooth adjustment of audio levels.
  • Linear Potentiometer: Typically, it operates linearly, meaning resistance changes proportionally with the movement of the control mechanism, whether it’s a knob or lever.
  • Applications: Commonly used in audio equipment, amplifiers, and other electronic devices where precise resistance control is needed.
  • Operating Mechanism: Rotating the knob or lever changes the resistance along the track inside the potentiometer, modifying the electrical output or other parameters based on the circuit configuration.

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