5 Pcs 10k Potentiometer ON-OFF with Knob volume controller. 10k volume control with Knob


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  • 10k ohm resistance value
  • Linear potentiometer type
  • Equipped with a knob and shaft for easy adjustment
  • Integrated ON-Off switch for circuit control
  • Knob rotation varies resistance linearly
  • Used for volume control and other applications
  • Durable and designed for consistent performance
  • Suitable for mounting on circuit boards or panels

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99 in stock

A 10k potentiometer with an ON-Off switch and knob is a versatile component used as a volume controller or in various electronic applications where variable resistance and an on-off function are required. Here’s a detailed description of this component:

  • Potentiometer Type: The potentiometer is of the linear type, meaning the resistance varies linearly with the position of the knob.
  • Resistance Value: The potentiometer has a resistance of 10,000 ohms (10k ohms), which is the total resistance between its two outer terminals.
  • Three Terminals: The potentiometer has three terminals: one for the input, one for the output, and a common ground or reference terminal. The input and output terminals are connected to the resistive track, and the knob’s position determines the resistance between these terminals.
  • Knob and Shaft: The potentiometer is equipped with a knob mounted on a shaft, allowing users to easily rotate and adjust the resistance by turning the knob clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • ON-Off Switch: Integrated into the potentiometer is an ON-Off switch that allows for the complete interruption of the circuit or enables the circuit based on the position of the switch.
  • Functionality: The potentiometer, in its ON position, functions as a variable resistor, allowing users to control the volume or any other parameter in the circuit. The knob’s rotation changes the resistance between the input and output terminals, affecting the overall performance of the circuit.
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