5 Pcs 9 Watt DOB (Direct On Board) LED Bulb Raw Material for Residential lighting, Outdoor lighting, Accent lighting etc.


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  • This high-quality LED bulb is designed to bring vibrant and versatile illumination to any space.
  • Featuring the latest Direct on Board (DOB) technology, this 9-watt LED bulb ensures exceptional energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.
  • Whether you want to set a relaxing ambiance, create a festive atmosphere, or enhance your productivity, this LED bulb has got you covered.
  • It boasts a wide beam angle, providing ample coverage and reducing the need for multiple fixtures.
  • Whether it’s for general lighting or highlighting specific areas, this DOB solution is versatile and adaptable to your unique requirements.

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100 in stock

  • Energy-efficient: Emphasize the energy-saving nature of the 9-watt dob, highlighting its lower power consumption compared to traditional bulbs. Example: “Energy-efficient 9-watt dob – Save on electricity bills with this low-power LED light bulb.”
  • Bright illumination: Highlight the brightness and quality of the light emitted by the 9-watt dob, ensuring customers understand its ability to provide ample lighting. Example: “Powerful illumination – Experience bright and clear lighting with this 9-watt dob LED bulb.”
  • Long-lasting lifespan: Mention the extended lifespan of the 9-watt dob, showcasing its durability and value for money. Example: “Extended lifespan – Enjoy long-lasting performance with this 9-watt dob bulb, reducing the need for frequent replacements.”
  • Versatile application: Describe the various uses and environments where the 9-watt dob can be utilized, demonstrating its flexibility. Example: “Versatile lighting solution – Perfect for homes, offices, and other indoor spaces, the 9-watt dob suits a wide range of lighting needs.”
  • Easy installation: Highlight the ease of installing the 9-watt dob, making it hassle-free for customers to replace their existing bulbs. Example: “Simple installation – Upgrade your lighting effortlessly with this 9-watt dob bulb, compatible with standard light fixtures.”
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