1 pc 38mm Glass Prism Optical Equilateral Prism for Science Experiments kit


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  • Features an equilateral triangular cross-section.
  • All three sides of the base measure 38 millimeters (mm) each.
  • Typically made from high-quality optical glass or transparent materials.
  • Allows light to pass through while minimizing distortion.
  • Demonstrates the principle of refraction.
  • Light entering and exiting the prism experiences bending.
  • Disperses white light into its component colors (spectrum).
  • Commonly used for educational purposes to teach about light and optics.

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97 in stock

A 38mm prism is an optical element with a triangular cross-section that is designed to refract, reflect, and disperse light in a controlled manner. This type of prism has specific dimensions Here’s a more detailed description of a 50mm prism:

  • Shape and Dimensions: A 38mm prism features an equilateral triangular shapeThe prism is typically made from transparent glass or another optical material.
  • Equilateral Triangle:  This symmetry is crucial for ensuring consistent and predictable optical behavior.
  • Material: The prism is crafted from high-quality optical glass or other transparent materials that allow light to pass through with minimal distortion.
  • Educational: 38mm prisms are commonly used in educational settings to demonstrate the principles of light refraction, reflection, and dispersion.


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