1 Pc Semi Circular Glass Slab (90x45x10 mm) D Shape Science Experiments Kits, Study, Mathematics Uses


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  • Semi-circular shape: Resembles half of a complete circle
  • D-shaped profile: One edge is curved to match the circular shape, while the other edge is flattened to form the shape of the letter “D.”
  • Transparent glass, potentially with optical properties
  • Suitable for studying light propagation, refraction, or other optical phenomena
  • Unique D-shaped profile can serve artistic or decorative purposes
  • Useful in laboratories for conducting experiments involving light and materials
  • Can be incorporated into models or designs for visual interest

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99 in stock

A semi-circular glass slab with dimensions 90x45x10 mm and a D-shaped profile is a unique and specialized piece of glass material. Let’s break down the description:

  • Shape: The glass slab has a semi-circular shape, meaning it resembles half of a complete circle. The curved edge of the glass slab follows the curvature of a circle, while the other edge is straight.
  • Profile: The slab has a D-shaped profile. In this case, the straight edge of the semi-circular slab has been further shaped to create a flat side, resembling the shape of the letter “D.” This flat side can be used for specific purposes, such as mounting or attaching the glass slab to other surfaces.
  • Material: The material is glass, which implies transparency and potentially optical properties.

Potential Uses:

  • Optical Applications: Due to its shape and potential transparency, the glass slab could be used in optics experiments, lens systems, or other optical devices.
  • Decorative Element: The unique D-shaped profile could make this glass slab suitable for artistic or decorative purposes.
  • Scientific Experiments: In a laboratory setting, this glass slab might be utilized for refractive index experiments or other studies involving light propagation through different mediums.
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