Electromagnet Science Project Kit Working Model for School Kids


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Electromagnet Washer+Coil Project Kit-

  • 10 Pcs Washer
  • Coil
  • Double A Battery Holder
  • Double A Battery
  • On- Off Switch
  • 2 Pair Alligator Clip
  • Wires
  1. Ready to use Electromagnet Science Project Kit Working Model for School Science Students
  2. Easy to use science project. Just plug and play
  3. Washers attract to Iron nail when switch is on
  4. Easy way to understand Electromagnetism Phenomenon
  5. Complete kit for Electromagnet Science Project

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100 in stock

An Electromagnet Science Project Kit Working Model is an educational tool designed to help students and enthusiasts explore the principles of electromagnetism through hands-on experimentation. These kits typically include various components and instructions to build a functional electromagnet and conduct experiments to learn about its operation. Here’s a description of what you might find in such a kit and how it works:

  • Coil of Wire: A length of insulated copper wire is provided in the kit. This wire will be wrapped around the core to form the coil of the electromagnet.
  • Power Source: A power source, such as batteries or a power supply, may be included to provide the necessary electrical current for the electromagnet to function.
  • Switch: A simple on/off switch is often included to control the flow of current through the coil.
  • Instructions: These experiments may include demonstrating the relationship between the number of coil turns, the strength of the magnetic field, and the impact of different core materials.
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