Wind Mill Battery Powered Science Project Working Model DIY Kit for School Student


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  • Complete kit for making Wind Mill Science Project Working Model. Watch video to understand complete process of assembling the project
  • Best DIY kit for making wind mill science project working model
  • Completely handmade Wind Mill Science Project Working Model
  • Easy to assemble science project
  • Part Included: Motor, Fan, Toy House, LED Lights, DVD Motor, PVC Pipe, Toy Tree

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99 in stock

  • A windmill is defined as a machine that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. All the blades of windmill always rotate in a clockwise direction.
  • The first windmill was designed in the year 1854 by Daniel Holliday from the United States. The number of blades of the windmill was determined after many trial and error methods.
  • It was found that three blades worked the best and that’s how every windmill has three blades. The energy source for windmill is wind.
  • When the blades come in contact with the wind, the blades move such that the shaft starts to spin, resulting in the production of electricity.
  • The generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
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