Dynamo Motor Generator Project kit Windmill Working Model Science Project DIY kit with 6 Inch Toy fan


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Dynamo Motor+ 6 Inch Fan Kit –

  • Dynamo Motor with Wire
  • 35mm Alligator Clip
  • 5 Pcs Colorful LED Lights
  • 6 Inch Toy Fan

Wind Mill with Generator Project DIY kit with Solar Cell for School Students

Just Connect Clips with LED light and attach propeller with Motor

Once propeller is kept under wind stream such as under ceiling fan or cooler.

It generates electricity and LED light start blowing.

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97 in stock

  • Dynamo Motor – A dynamo motor electric generator science project involves designing and building a device that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy using a dynamo or motor. Unlike a simple generator, which relies on a rotating magnet to produce an electrical current, a dynamo motor generator uses a rotating coil of wire within a magnetic field to produce electricity.
  • LED Lights – The 5mm Round LED is a specialized LED with a round head design and a gel coating that provides a colored light output. The gel coating adds a vibrant and translucent color to the emitted light, creating an eye-catching visual effect. This LED is commonly used in applications where color customization is desired, such as stage lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, and signage. With its larger size, it offers a wider beam angle and higher brightness, making it suitable for applications that require a prominent and vivid colored illumination.
  • 6 Inches Toy Fan – Perfect for mini fan, electric toys, RC Boat and Science and education toys. Used for prototyping mechanical rotations.
  • 35MM Alligator Clips – Metal Alligator Clips Insulated Crocodile Clip Electrical Clamp Test Probe Meter Black Red.
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