(Set of 1) 30w 220v-240v Soldering Iron Heating Element 30 Watt Soldering Element Round Type 30w for Replacement and Repair Soldering Iron Tip Bit


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  • 30 Watt soldering iron heating element delivers quick and efficient heat
  • Typically made of high-quality copper or copper-alloy for efficient heat conduction and durability
  • This heating element ensures long-lasting performance and reliability for your soldering projects
  • Available in various shapes (conical, chisel, bevel, etc.) to suit different soldering tasks
  • With its rapid heat-up time, you can start soldering in no time, saving you valuable working hours
  • Slightly larger in diameter than lower-wattage tips, offering increased heat output for precision work
  • The heating element is easy to install, and its universal design ensures a hassle-free setup process
  • Designed to work with soldering irons rated at 30 watts for tasks requiring higher heat

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100 in stock

The 30 Watt Soldering Iron Heating Element you’ve mentioned is designed for soldering applications. A 30 Watt soldering iron tip, or soldering iron bit, is a crucial component used in soldering equipment designed for various soldering applications, particularly those requiring slightly higher heat output. Here’s a description of a typical 30 Watt Soldering Iron Heating Element and soldering iron tip:

  • Material: These tips are commonly crafted from high-quality materials, such as copper or copper alloys. These materials provide excellent heat conductivity and durability, ensuring efficient soldering performance and a longer lifespan.
  • Wattage: This heating element has a power rating of 30 watts, which indicates the amount of electrical energy it consumes when in operation. This power output is suitable for soldering tasks that require moderate heat.
  • Shape: Soldering iron tips come in various shapes, including conical, chisel, bevel, and hoof. The choice of shape depends on the specific soldering task and the user’s preference. Different shapes offer advantages for various applications.
  • Type: It is a “Round Type” heating element, meaning it has a cylindrical or circular shape, which is a common design for soldering iron heating elements. This shape helps distribute heat evenly across the soldering tip.
  • Application: The heating element is primarily used in soldering irons, which are essential tools for joining or repairing electronic components and wires. The 30-watt rating is suitable for a variety of soldering tasks, including soldering small electronics, circuit boards, and electrical connections.
  • Longevity: High-quality 30 Watt soldering iron tips are built to be durable and resistant to wear and corrosion, contributing to a longer lifespan. This reduces the frequency of tip replacements, which can be costly and disruptive.
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