1 Pc LED TV Bar Speaker with 4 pin Connector for Repair or Replacement Power Audio Tube Black Color with 4 pin Cable Full Soundbar


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  • Design: Sleek and compact, designed to complement LED TVs.
  • Audio Enhancement: Enhances sound quality for a more immersive TV audio experience.
  • Connector: Equipped with a 4-pin connector for easy and secure TV connection.
  • Power Source: May be powered via the TV’s USB port or a separate power source.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with a wide range of LED TVs and other audio sources.
  • Sound Quality: Varies by model, with some offering features like amplification and surround sound.
  • Ease of Installation: Simple to install with mounting options and user-friendly setup.
  • Remote Control: Some models include a remote for convenient volume and settings adjustments.

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99 in stock

A LED TV bar speaker with a 4-pin connector is an external audio component designed to enhance the sound quality of a television, particularly LED TVs. Here’s a detailed description of this speaker:

  • Form Factor: The LED TV bar speaker is usually a sleek and compact audio device designed to complement the slim and modern design of LED TVs. It can be mounted on a wall, placed on a TV stand, or attached directly to the TV.
  • Audio Enhancement: The primary purpose of this speaker is to improve the audio quality of a TV. It is typically used to provide clearer dialogue, richer sound, and a more immersive audio experience compared to the built-in speakers of the TV.
  • Connector: The speaker is equipped with a 4-pin connector, which is designed to connect directly to the TV or an external audio source, depending on the model. This connector simplifies the installation process and ensures a secure connection.
  • Power Source: Some LED TV bar speakers are powered through the TV’s USB port, while others may require a separate power source. The power method can vary depending on the model.
  • Compatibility: These speakers are usually designed to be compatible with a wide range of LED TVs, and some may also work with other audio sources like smartphones, tablets, or gaming consoles.
  • Sound Quality: The sound quality of a LED TV bar speaker can vary depending on the brand and model. Some speakers offer features like built-in amplifiers, virtual surround sound, and equalization settings to tailor the audio to your preferences.
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