12v DC Water Pump Solar High Pressure Submersible Water Pump Motor for Cooler, Fountain, Aquarium etc


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  • In portable coolers or ice chests, the pump circulates water to keep beverages or food items chilled during outdoor activities, camping, or picnics.
  • In industrial processes, 12V cooler pumps are used to circulate cooling fluids to maintain the desired temperature in machinery or equipment.
  • The small size and 12V power supply make the pump suitable for portable applications.
  • The pump’s quiet operation is essential for applications where noise reduction is desired.
  • The pump can be used in various cooling setups, making it a versatile solution for cooling needs.
  • Requirements to ensure effective and reliable cooling performance.

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A 12V cooler pump is a small, electrically powered water pump designed to circulate water or other cooling fluids in a cooling system. These pumps are commonly used in various applications, such as in water-cooled computer systems, liquid cooling systems for overclocked processors, or portable coolers for camping and outdoor activities.

Electrically Powered:

  • The 12V cooler pump operates on a 12-volt direct current (DC) power supply, making it compatible with a variety of power sources.
  • It is designed to be energy-efficient and draws low power to ensure it doesn’t put excessive strain on the power supply.

Compact and Durable:

  • The pump is usually small and compact, making it suitable for use in confined spaces or portable applications.
  • It is built with durable materials that can withstand continuous operation and exposure to various environments.

Water Circulation:

  • The primary function of the cooler pump is to circulate water or cooling fluid within a cooling system.
  • It creates a flow that helps dissipate heat from components or areas that need cooling.
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