50 Pcs 33k Ohm Resistor 1/4 Watt Tolerance 5% 33 kilo ohm Carbon Film Resistor for Industrial Applications


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  • Resistance Value: 33 kilo ohms (33,000 ohms)
  • Resistor Type: Carbon Film Resistor
  • Tolerance: 5%
  • Power Rating: 1/4 watt
  • Application: Designed for industrial applications where a 33,000-ohm resistor with a 5% tolerance is needed

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100 in stock

  1. Resistance Value (Ohms): “33k” indicates the resistance value of the resistor.
  2. Resistor Type: “Carbon Film Resistor” indicates the type of resistor. Carbon film resistors are a common type of resistors where a thin film of carbon is used as the resistive material.
  3. Tolerance: “5%” represents the tolerance of the resistor. Tolerance is the allowable percentage variation from the specified resistance value. In this case, the actual resistance of the resistor can be within 5% of the stated value.
  4. Wattage: “1/4 watt” indicates the power rating of the resistor, which is the maximum amount of power the resistor can safely dissipate without damage. A 1/4-watt resistor is designed to handle up to 0.25 watts of power.
  5. Color Code: The color code is a system used to visually represent the resistance value and tolerance of resistors. Unfortunately, the color code is not provided in your description, but it typically consists of bands of different colors on the resistor, each representing a digit or a multiplier.
  6. Application: This resistor is suitable for electronic circuits where a 33k resistance with a 5% tolerance is needed. The 1/4 watt power rating makes it appropriate for low-power applications.
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