1 Pc LDR Module Blue Obstacle Sensing Line Follower for Robotic Science Kit, DIY Project, Other Applications etc


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  • Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs)
  • Blue Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Obstacle sensing through LDRs detecting reflected blue light from nearby objects
  • Line following by detecting lines or paths using LDRs and blue LED illumination
  • LDRs sense variations in reflected light intensity to identify obstacles
  • LDRs detect lines or paths on a surface, aiding in precise robotic movement
  • Enhances visibility of lines for accurate line following
  • Easily integrable into robotic systems
  • Compatible with microcontrollers and other electronic components
  • Line-following robots
  • Obstacle-avoidance robots

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99 in stock

The LDR Module Blue Obstacle Sensing Line Follower is a specialized sensor module used in robotics and automation. It combines Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) with blue LEDs to facilitate obstacle detection and line-following functionalities in robotic systems. Here’s a detailed description:

  • Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs): The LDR Module incorporates one or more LDRs, which are light-sensitive components. They vary their resistance based on the intensity of light they are exposed to. In this module, LDRs play a crucial role in detecting light, such as light variations reflected off surfaces or objects.
  • Blue LEDs: The module also includes blue Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). These LEDs emit blue light, which can be used for various purposes, including illuminating the surface for better line detection or aiding in obstacle detection.
  • Obstacle Sensing: The LDRs can be strategically positioned to detect lines or paths on a surface. For instance, in line-following robots, these LDRs can detect lines marked on the floor. The varying light intensity reflected from the surface allows the robot to follow the specified path or line accurately.
  • Blue LED Illumination: The blue LEDs are often used to illuminate the surface under the robot. This illumination enhances the visibility of lines, making it easier for the LDRs to detect and follow the desired path accurately.
  • Applications: Line-following robots, obstacle-avoidance robots, automated vehicles. Conveyor belt systems, material handling, and sorting applications.
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