Electromagnetic Train Project Kit Magnet Train for School Kids Science Project DIY Kit for School Students


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DIY Electromagnetic Train Project Kit –

  • Electromagnet Train
  • 10 Pcs Neodymium Magnets
  • 2 Pcs Duracell

Our magnets are incredibly strong

Can easily attach to metal surfaces, making them perfect for use on vehicles, signs, and other outdoor equipment

You can easily mark your path without worrying about them falling off or fading away over time

This Magnet Trail Kit is perfect for hikers and anyone

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89 in stock

How to make DIY Electromagnetic Train Project  –

  • Gather your materials
  • Take one end of the copper wire and tape it to the dowel. Begin winding the copper into a coil, making sure the coils are as tightly packed as possible but do not overlap.
  • Keep winding until you have created a coil that’s at least 5 inches long.
  • Remove the coil from the dowel, and stretch it out just enough so that each winding on the coil doesn’t touch the one next to it.
  • Make two stacks of 5 neodymium magnets. Orient the stacks so they repel each other, and stick one stack to each side of the battery.
  • Slide your train into the copper coil. It should zip down the coil and out the other side! If your train doesn’t move, try flipping the train around.
  •  If it still doesn’t work, try flipping one of the stacks of batteries around.
  • If you place one on a table and bring the other one close, the magnet on the table will slide away.
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