Laser Security Alarm Science Project Working Model for Class 10, Class 12 Science Students


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  • Parts Includes: Laser Light, 9V battery, PCB Board, LDR, Transistor, Resistor, 9V Battery and Connector
  • Completely handmade ready to use laser security alarm DIY working model science project.
  • Target laser beam to LDR and if someone block the laser beam alarm starts blowing
  • Easy to use science project for class 12 school students
  • Laser security alarms are used to ensure the safety of valuable things and for other security purposes
  • The laser-based security alarm system is one of the types of security alarm systems that consist of laser light and a light sensor

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99 in stock

A Laser Security Alarm Science Project Working Model typically involves creating a simple yet effective security system using lasers to detect intruders. Here’s a basic description of how such a project might work:

  • Laser Emission: The laser module emits a continuous laser beam across a targeted area that needs to be secured.
  • LDR Detection: The LDR is placed on the opposite side of the laser source. In the absence of any interference, the laser beam falls directly on the LDR, maintaining a certain level of light intensity.
  • Intrusion Detection: When an intruder crosses the laser beam, it is obstructed, causing a reduction in light intensity at the LDR.
  • Alarm Activation: The alarm system, usually a buzzer or some other audible alert, is activated, producing a loud sound to indicate an intrusion.
  • Power Saving: To conserve power, the system could include a timer or a motion sensor to activate the laser module and detection circuit only when needed.
  • Applications: Discuss potential real-world applications and the significance of laser security systems.
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