1 Pc 10 Watt Soldering Iron Tip Bit 10w for Replacement and Repair, Educational Purposes, Arts and Crafts etc


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  • 10 watts, indicating low heat output
  • Various shapes available, including conical, chisel, and screwdriver tips
  • Typically made from heat-resistant materials like copper or iron alloys
  • Some tip bits have specialized coatings for improved heat transfer and oxidation resistance
  • Ideal for delicate soldering tasks requiring precision and low heat
  • such as small electronic components and SMD soldering
  • Designed for efficient and precise heat transfer, ensuring accurate soldering

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The 10 Watt Soldering Iron Tip Bit is a small, specialized component used in soldering irons. Here’s a description of this specific soldering iron tip bit:

  • Wattage: The soldering iron tip bit has a power rating of 10 watts. This indicates the amount of electrical energy it consumes when in operation. A 10-watt tip bit is considered low wattage and is suitable for delicate soldering tasks that require precision and lower heat.
  • Shape: The shape of the tip bit can vary widely depending on the specific soldering iron model and its intended purpose. Common shapes include conical (pointed), chisel (flat), and screwdriver (wide flat). The choice of shape depends on the type of soldering work you need to perform.
  • Material: Soldering iron tip bits are typically made from materials that can withstand high temperatures and have good heat conductivity. Common materials include copper, iron, and various iron alloys.
  • Coating: Some tip bits may have a specialized coating, such as iron-plated or chrome-plated tips. These coatings help improve heat transfer and prevent oxidation of the tip, which can extend the tip bit’s lifespan.
  • Application: The 10-watt soldering iron tip bit is suitable for tasks that require low heat and precision, such as soldering small electronic components, surface-mount devices (SMDs), or intricate circuit board work. It’s ideal for tasks where excess heat could damage sensitive components.
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