5V 1 Channel Relay Module Board-AC-DC Relay Board Expansion Appliance Control-LED Indicators


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  • Controls a single electrical circuit or device
  • Operates at 5V DC
  • Electromagnetic switch for high-power control
  • Triggered by a 5V DC control signal
  • Terminals to connect to the device being controlled
  • Provides isolation between control circuit and device
  • Used to control various electrical devices

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100 in stock

A 1-channel 5V DC relay module is a type of electronic module designed to control high-power devices using a low-power microcontroller or other control signals. Let’s break down its key components and features:

  • Channel: The term “1-channel” indicates that this relay module can control a single device or circuit. It can either be turned on or off using the relay.
  • Relay: A relay is an electromagnetic switch that allows a low-power circuit (controlled by a microcontroller or similar) to control a higher-power circuit or device. The relay in this module is designed to handle DC (Direct Current) electrical systems.
  • Voltage Rating: The module operates at a voltage of 5V DC, which means it requires a 5V DC power supply to function.
  • Functionality: When a 5V DC signal is applied to the relay module, it can either connect or disconnect the circuit connected to the relay. This is useful for controlling various devices such as lights, motors, or other electrical appliances.
  • Inputs and Outputs: The module typically has input terminals to connect to the microcontroller or control signal source (e.g., a GPIO pin on a microcontroller) to trigger the relay. It also has output terminals to connect to the device or circuit being controlled.
  • Isolation: The relay module often provides isolation between the control circuit and the device being controlled. This isolation ensures that the control circuit is protected from any potential voltage spikes or surges from the device being controlled.
  • LED Indicators: Many relay modules have LED indicators that show the status of the relay (whether it’s active or not).
  • Protection and Features: Some modules may come with additional features like protection against back EMF (electromotive force) to prevent damage to the controlling components.
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