1 Pc Soldering Wire Solder Remover Wire Roll Desoldering Wick Copper Wire Capacity : 10 to 100 Watt


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  • High-quality copper wire core surrounded by flux-infused, fine braided mesh
  • Comes in a roll/spool, tightly wound for cleanliness and easy dispensing
  • Available in various diameters to suit different soldering tasks
  • Typically several meters long, providing multiple uses before replacement
  • Used for desoldering by wicking away molten solder through capillary action
  • Contains flux to facilitate solder flow and prevent oxidation during desoldering
  • Requires proper safety gear, including safety glasses and heat-resistant gloves
  • Should be stored in a clean, dry place to maintain effectiveness

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99 in stock


A Desoldering Wire, also known as a Solder Remover Wire or Solder Wick, is an essential tool used in electronics and soldering work to remove excess or unwanted solder from electronic components, circuit boards, or soldered joints. It’s a thin, braided wire typically wound on a spool or roll, and its primary purpose is to wick away molten solder effectively.

Here’s a detailed description of a Desoldering Wire Solder Remover Wire Roll:

  • Material: Desoldering wire is usually made from a high-quality, oxygen-free copper wire core, which is surrounded by flux-infused, fine braided mesh. The core material ensures good thermal conductivity and solder absorption, while the flux aids in solder removal by reducing oxidation and promoting solder flow.
  • Appearance: It typically comes in the form of a roll, similar to a spool of thread or a small reel. The wire is tightly wound around the spool, ensuring that it remains clean and ready for use.
  • Function: Desoldering wire is used by placing it on the solder joint or area you want to desolder. When heat is applied using a soldering iron, the solder melts and is drawn into the fine braid of the wire through capillary action. The flux in the wire helps to keep the solder flowing and prevents oxidation.


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